Bob Goldstick is the Piano Player On Demand

available 24/7 for every occasion through this website

piano music makes every party better

choose from soothing dinner music - up beat sing-a-longs - swinging dance music - or some serious rock 'n roll

always have something to do - either listening - singing - or dancing

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Here is a short program from KCTS Seattle about my Piano Bar Show 

    ..... and some videos from my Live Streaming Shows in 2021  

Here's an Elton John classic

Funeral For A Friend

I am dedicated to providing quality music for nursing homes and other care facilities. I perform live shows, have videos and CDs and provide a great amount of information on this site to help anyone entertain folks in a care situation. Check out some of the pages listed above.

The Piano Bar Show

Live Show - Youtube Demo

Piano Blues, Jazz and Rock 'n Roll

Live at the Mission Ranch

(popular songs from the 40s to 70s)