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All live shows cancelled.

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I am dedicated to providing quality music for nursing homes and other care facilities. I perform live shows, have videos and CDs and provide a great amount of information on this site to help anyone entertain folks in a care situation. Check out some of the pages listed above.


The Piano Bar Show

Live Show - Youtube Demo

Piano Blues, Jazz and Rock 'n Roll

Live at the Mission Ranch

(popular songs from the 40s to 70s)


Here is a short program by the PBS station in Seattle on my show

KCTS Seattle Program



 Just Press Play

Using a small digital piano we provide the ability for anyone to

1- lead a sing-a-long

2- perform a show

3- just want to have fun singing

Essentially, it's like if you have a computer and no software, it really can't do anything. If you have a digital piano but don't know how to play, it doesn't do much. However, if you have the piano software to play the song, all you have to do is press PLAY.

We provide over 70 songs on the piano. (See Songlist)

We also can update the piano with new songs so your program can change as you get new residents.

Can be used by volunteers, staff, family, residents or anyone who wants to participate with making music.


 After you get the Yamaha PSR E363 keyboard the instructions on how to start are here

How To Start


YouTube videos

Soothing and Melodic Piano Music Video (50 min)