After over 30 years of performing for residents of nursing homes, retirement homes, care homes and day centers, Musical Activity Solutions is expanding to add virtual and online shows, karaoke training sessions, and more for everyone who loves music and wants to bring music to people in all locations and situations.

We have programs for Activity Directors, Caregivers, Life Enrichment Directors and more.

We provide the highest quality, professional entertainment that is sure to bring a smile and brighten someones day.

We are dedicated to bringing the joy of music to everyone. 

Musical Activity Solutions Presents:

                                                                   Bob Goldstick ~ Piano Player On Demand

Available 24/7 for every occasion through this website

Piano music makes every party better

Choose from soothing dinner music - up beat sing-a-longs - swinging dance music - or some serious rock 'n roll

Always have something to do - either listening - singing - or dancing

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Here is a short program from KCTS Seattle about my Piano Bar Show 

    ..... and some videos from my Live Streaming Shows in 2021  

Here's an Elton John classic

Funeral For A Friend

I am dedicated to providing quality music for nursing homes and other care facilities. I perform live shows, have videos and CDs and provide a great amount of information on this site to help anyone entertain folks in a care situation. Check out some of the pages listed above.

The Piano Bar Show

Live Show - Youtube Demo

Piano Blues, Jazz and Rock 'n Roll

Live at the Mission Ranch

(popular songs from the 40s to 70s)