From the recording Sarah Doesn't Cry Anymore

I wrote this for a woman who I thought was just beautiful - not in a flashy way - just exuded loveliness - and she was always unhappy. I never why so I made up a story.


Moonlight and candlelight
Show him the way
He’s coming to see her
After so long away
With eyes ever open
She’s waiting at home
Sarah Doesn’t Cry Anymore
Sarah Doesn’t Cry Anymore
She knew that he’d be there
It’s something she learned
It just a little longer
For him to return
Now she is smiling
Her dreams are fulfilled
Sarah Doesn’t Cry Anymore
Sarah Doesn’t Cry Anymore
Moonlight and laughter were always her crown
She played for the theater, she played for the bow
But inside her soul, was a pain that grew old
Sarah Doesn’t Cry Anymore
Sarah Doesn’t Cry Anymore
Flowers and fragrance, the smells from above
Doldrums and daydreams weave spells out of love
She never did marry, she died all alone
Sarah Doesn’t Cry Anymore
Sarah Doesn’t Cry Anymore

Rocket Piano Bar Bio 

Rocket Piano Bar started playing piano at age 6 with classical lessons, performing Mozart in school auditoriums at age 10, rock ‘n roll bands at age 15, jazz groups at age 20 and piano bar at age 25. That was over 50 years ago and in the intervening years he has played and performed in almost any venue you can imagine. Through these years he has developed a style on the piano with unique interpretations of classic rock, jazz and popular songs.

I create exciting musical experiences by performing classic rock 'n roll songs on the piano, often with completely new interpretations. Favorite melodies from the past 60 years that are the soundtrack of your life. All styles from psychedelic rock to mellow jazz with the amazing variability of the sound of a piano from goodnight lullaby to intense angst. 

I call the show Organized Random Chaos. 

First, my music is organized in that I play songs with beginnings, middles, and endings often with specific structure. 

Second my music is random because I improvise so ever song is always different every time and the choice of songs depends on random events. 

And Third, my music is chaotic because that’s what happens when organized meets random – you get chaos. So sometimes phrases will come from nowhere and when I listen back I have no idea where it came from but I haved learned to love those moments because they are rare and sometime positively inspired. 

So, enjoy the music and make requests. Tell stories. Sing along. A Piano Bar is a place where people come to share music and camaraderie.