Live MIDI files from on-line shows. You are free to use these as you like. They are raw files with no editing so there are long gaps. The songlist for each show is on the youtube video at Bob Goldstick Live Streaming. Contact me at if you need help.

october 14 twitch                                   video on youtube

Octobert 2 twitch

October 2 sessions                                  video on youtube

 October 1 sessions

September 30 twitch                              video on twitch

september 29 sessions                           video on youtube

september 28 twitch                              video on twitch

Spetember 27-sessions                           video on youtube

Spetember 26-sessions                           video on YouTube

September 25-2-twitch                          video on twitch

September 25 - sessions                          video

September 24 - 2 twitch                           video

September 24,2020 sessionslive                video lots of elton john, lately, stevie wonder, god bless the child, billie holiday request

September 21, 2020 StreetJelly                  video 

September 19, 2020 StreetJelly                  video    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - A work in progress - the early years

September 16, 2020 StreetJelly                  video   (MIDI starts at Sunday Morning Coming Down  - my bad)

September 15, 2020 StreetJelly                  Video

September 14, 2020 StreetJelly                 Video



LIVE MIDI FILES - the songlist is available at the youtube video for the show for that date and platform

September 19 StreetJelly