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Afternoon Shows  - Monday-Friday 1-2 pm Pacific

The Show Monday thru Friday at 1 PM is a Piano Concert with the following general schedule 

Monday - Blues/Soul    Tuesday - Country  Wednesday - Jazz/Popular 

Thursday - Rock 'n Roll    Friday - Caribbean/Latin


Saturday Night Rocket Piano Bar Concerts

(stay tuned)

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I am now performing live shows that are streamed on the internet.

These shows are the same as I perform live with the songs, stories and requests that come from the chat room.

Residents can make requests and know that if I don't know it right away, I'll learn it, usually (there are some songs that just don't "work" with piano or I just can't sing).

I was planning on eventually doing something like this when I wasn't able to keep running around and playing live gigs, but events have overtaken us all, so here we are.

It feels like I have my own TV show (showing my age). It's hard to get the same energy without an audience present, but I've done this so many times I find I am able to play off the folks in the chat room and present the same kind of interactive musical experience.

I envisioned this as being a useful tool for activity directors to use when they need an event and just know that it is available. Using the big screens that can connect with the internet makes that a possibility.


I hope you enjoy the show. I know I will.

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