Bob Goldstick


Bob Goldstick has been playing piano for 70 of his 77 years and has loved every minute of it. He's played everywhere from elementary school shows to Hollywood musicals; piano bars in New York City, Paris, and San Francisco; blues, jazz, and rock-n-roll bands around the country.  From 1988 to 2001, he played at Clint Eastwood's Mission Ranch in Carmel, California, where he perfected the piano bar experience.


But the "work" he enjoys the most is the "work" he does when given the opportunity to entertain our elders in convalescent hospitals/retirement homes.  He has performed about 30 shows a month at these facilities since 1993, doing over 1500 shows at more than 200 facilities. You can read his story 'How I Got Started' story.


Bob is first and foremost a gifted pianist able to perform every style of piano music--from classical to jazz, show tunes to Dixieland.  Often it is his technique and command of the piano that first astounds and then brings smiles to the residents' faces.  This talent, combined with years of entertaining and singing in piano bars around the world, guarantees that everyone will enjoy the show.


Bob’s career started in the 50’s playing for high school dances and weddings. In college at Penn State University he started playing serious jazz and performed with The Jazz Spokesmen who appeared at The Villanova Jazz Festival. After a short diversion as a chemical engineer, he started playing piano bars in New York City while also playing with a variety of rock ‘n roll and blues bands.


In the early 70’s he traveled to Europe and the Canary Islands performing in London, Paris, and the Canaries before coming back to the states and taking on Hollywood. Again, piano bars were his main endeavor but he also started writing and wrote music and lyrics for the musical comedy “Shrink” that was produced at the Matrix Theater. He also provided the live soundtrack for a mime troupe, Mad Mountain Mime, who opened for Blood Sweat and Tears during a 6 month tour from Las Vegas to the East Coast.


He eventually wound up in Santa Cruz, California where he performed at Clint Eastwood’s Mission Ranch in Carmel for over 10 years. It is there he perfected the piano bar experience and learned how to turn every night into a party.


He has recently moved to Portland, Oregon and is starting to perform in nursing homes and other venues.



Bob has also played more than his share of "fancy" restaurants for dinner music and has developed a simple, effective style in presenting a song in a melodic and rhythmic fashion without being too dynamic or intense. It turns out that this style is particularly effective in creating a calming atmosphere in care giving situations. After recording these songs and seeing the results on long-term care residents with continuous exposure, he developed the Piano Magic and Musical Memories Series that can be used to improve conditions in all facilities and home care situations.