Piano Magic and Musical Memories Vol. 1

Robert Goldstick

Soothing and melodic piano renditions of favorite songs from the great American Popular Music Songbook.

This CD presents solo piano music at its finest. After many years of playing dinner music, Robert has found that a combination of simplicity with a touch of complexity works wonders on a grand piano to create a serene atmosphere. He often simply states the melody and lets the song and the piano speak for themselves. Then he adds his own interpretation, sometimes with a flair in the tradition of Eddie Duchin, Roger Williams, or Liberace. The combined effect is a CD full of beautiful music that will help pass the time with pleasant images and fond memories.

These songs are particularly loved by our senior generation. Just hearing them often “brings back the best memories” of their lives. But it has also been noted that all generations love and appreciate this style of music and so this CD helps to create a pleasant mood for folks of all ages.

The music in this series of solo piano music, Piano Magic and Musical Memories, was chosen by PBS for their documentary on Alzheimer's disease, "The Forgetting", which aired January 21st, 2004. As part of their efforts they have a web site (http://www.pbs.org/theforgetting/) for the purpose of assisting caregivers and patients with resources and information. Part of the web site is The Living Center, which is an interactive site and includes a "radio" for people to listen to music. They are using all of the public domain music from our Piano Magic and Musical Memories Series Volume 0, in addition to other public domain songs that are available on our web site (www.heart-soul-music.com). They have also listed us a major resource for musicians who want information on how to perform shows in nursing homes.

Biography of the Artist - Robert Goldstick has been playing piano for 56 of his 64 years and has loved every minute of it. He started off taking lessons in classical music and moved on to rock n roll in high school, jazz in college and then back to rock ;n roll in his 30s when he became a full-time musician. As a solo player he has performed in hotels and restaurants around the world providing lush dinner music for patrons to enjoy. He developed a style that provides a clear statement of a melody while providing variations that add interest and excitement to every song

He gave up the restaurant and hotel business in 1993 when he discovered the incredible effect his music had on seniors in nursing homes and convalescent centers. This all started one day when he was meeting his daughter at a convalescent hospital in Santa Cruz, CA, and she suggested he play a song or two for the folks. The room was very quiet with people just passing the time, the way they do all day, every day.

"At that time I was performing piano bar at the Mission Ranch in Carmel where one of the favorite songs of the older patrons was ‘I Can't Give You Anything But Love’, so I thought I'd try that. The change in the room was dramatic. It was a party. People started singing along, tapping their feet, clapping their hands. One fellow got out of his wheelchair and started to dance with a nurse. (I found out later he hadn't done that for over two years!) The music's effect was truly magical. This same scenario is repeated EVERY time I play a show - people sing, tap their feet, and some are inspired to dance. It is truly a wonderful gift for me to be able to bring so much joy to folks who need it so much."

He started to perform around 30 shows a month, many of which were called “candlelight dinners” where the folks would dress up a little and he’d play the kind of dinner music that he played in hotels. The effect here was also dramatic, but in a more subdued way, the room got very quiet and all you could hear was the piano music and an occasional voice singing a familiar song. The residents, staff and family all loved the experience and consequently, these CDs were created to provide that type of music.

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